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My name is Meredith and I am in love with my very best friend, Brent! God blessed us with two beautiful little girls Addison Kaye and Saylor Brooke. Being newly married and a stay at home mom, is a new adventure each and every day but I wouldn't have it any other way! We are living the everyday life of Gods plan! Hope you enjoy following us!


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Our Family

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Addison Kaye

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Saylor Brooke

Friday, June 17, 2011

1 fish.. 2 fish..

This past week, we went on our first family vacation to Big Ceder lodge. We had so much fun and the weather was absolutely beautiful!

If you have never been... you need to go. There is so many things to do! Addison had a blast.... besides riding on the boat! ha

 On the road... we did not do to bad in the car. I did A LOT of entertaining- singing, dancing and clapping. Brent was ready to shoot me!

We love our baby!
When we arrived at Big Ceder. Brent and I got settled in our room while my brothers put the boat in the water. 
It was time for our 1st boat ride....
 Can you tell by our face we HATE our life jacket?
 Addison did really good while we were swimming and fishing. She sun bathed with Gigi and I, while watching the boys splash in the water.
Look at her feet... a little lady! :)

She couldn't understand why she could not get in with them!
 By this point we were......
Ready to go home and get in our bed! 

The rest of the week we stuck to the pool. She LOVED that. I was afraid because bath time is not our favorite that we were going to hate the water... but she proved me wrong. Addison only hated it when we took her out of it! haha

the beautiful pool! She loved the waterfall!
 They had a baby pool that was only a couple feet deep, so we "swam" in that most of the time!

She loved watching other kids! 

Every where you went they had shuttles that would take you to where you needed to go. So while we were waiting I snapped a few pictures of her in the flower bed! The people around us thought she was to funny waving at everyone like she knew them!

Big Ceder has such beautiful views. We took Addison up in the look out tower and she thought that was pretty neat. 
 Her favorite part was crawling around looking at the different animals!

We love our daddy!
My sweet girl!

We had taken Addison to the gift shop to look around and she found this stuffed animal deer and would not put it down. So of course being the "spoiled" child she is we had to get it for her! 
Which I am glad we did because she has played and carried it around the entire time we were there!
Mommy and Addi

I am tired!

Our sweet girl!

Later that week my parents friends, the Rogers, came down for the day to go boating. We meet up with them when they got back and had a cook out and then went and roasted s'mores. Such a fun time!
this is were Addison sat to eat. We had no highchair so this is how we got her to be still long enough to feed her!

During the week the boys were in and out, going back and forth to Springdale because of football practice and baseball. On Wednesday night it was just us 3, my parents and kyle and his girl friend Robyn, so we headed down to the Landing to eat and go shopping. 
We did not know what to think at first...

but we loved it!

Kyle thought he needed a turn

Addison and Daddy on the four wheeler!
 We had a ton of fun and it was a great vacation for Brent to get away before he starts his new job!
We are so thankful for my parents for letting us tag along. I know they enjoyed Addison and all the family being there together.

Fathers day weekend we are heading to a naturals game on friday and Saturday down to Tulsa for the night to the Zoo. I am beyond excited to take Addi and see how she reacts to the animals! 
Hope every one as a fun and safe weekend! 

Seeking him,
Mrs. Penzo
"Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you."
Exodus 20:12

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