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My name is Meredith and I am in love with my very best friend, Brent! God blessed us with two beautiful little girls Addison Kaye and Saylor Brooke. Being newly married and a stay at home mom, is a new adventure each and every day but I wouldn't have it any other way! We are living the everyday life of Gods plan! Hope you enjoy following us!


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Our Family

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A BIG day!

This past Thursday, Addison had a BIG day!
It was her very 1st dance class and she got to meet her teachers for KDO! 
She was beyond excited for both of these fun activities.
 {ready for dance in all her monogram! :) }

Daddy met us to meet her teachers and of course she would not take a picture by herself.. so he had to hop in with her! 
Her teachers are beyond sweet. 
They did a little craft about "All About Me!"
 Addison LOVED this. I am beyond excited for this school year. 
Her teachers are great and so loving. I look forward to a fun year and cant wait to watch her learn and grow.

After we went to dinner and then met Gigi to head to her first dance class. 
Addison is going where I took dance so it is special to my mom and I. 
It brings back so many memories of us spending many nights there and preparing for recital! 
I am SO looking forward to this and I hope Addison loves it as much as I did. 
 {Addison did great.. She walked right in with out even saying bye!}
 {She looked so cute in her little tap shoes}

A did great!! 
She loved every minute of it and has already asked when she gets to go back! 
Makes my mommy heart happy :) 

I have to leave you with a little video
Seriously... is she not the cutest thing EVER????

Happy Tuesday! 

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord
Joshua 24:15

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  1. Love this post, her, and you! Hope she's feeling better!