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My name is Meredith and I am in love with my very best friend, Brent! God blessed us with two beautiful little girls Addison Kaye and Saylor Brooke. Being newly married and a stay at home mom, is a new adventure each and every day but I wouldn't have it any other way! We are living the everyday life of Gods plan! Hope you enjoy following us!


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Our Family

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Addison Kaye

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Friday, January 24, 2014

5 on Friday

Today I'm linking up with 5 on Friday 

1. This week Addison and I were both asked by Emily to be in her wedding! 
Matron of honor and flower girl-We could not be more excited! Addison should be a pro by December, it will be her 3rd wedding! 

2. We wished our Pop a very Happy birthday!! :) 

3. I was able to take a break from sick kids and go with Emily to pick out her wedding dress....
And she said yes! 
Addison and I had fun making this for her! 

4. I snuck out of the house with both girls this week to get more medicine and Lysol... 
We have been through 4 bottles.. 
I may go get one more just to be safe ALL the germs are gone! 

5. I have got lots of snuggles from Saylor this week. 
So ready for both girls to feel better and get back to normal but thanking God their sickness are nothing major. 

Happy Friday!
Enjoy your weekend! 

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  1. You are the cutest! Too cute to boot and I adore your heart for the Lord. Just started following you on GFC...I love how the blog community connects us with other Believers! Glory to God! Looking forward to reading more about your sweet little family! xx